Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Some mornings I wake up super early for some reason. Well, this is one of those mornings. So I decided to put my time to good use and try to put together a "2012" post for those of you who actually read this blog and/or care about my life. It's  inspired by my sister's 2012 post on her blog, and her encouragement to start blogging again. Here it goes:


I was hard at work at Aveda Institute Provo, just coming back to school after my first break in a year.
First and foremost (in my mind) was the birth of my niece, Avery Claire Pickup:
...who I've been obsessed with ever since. Here's a picture of me the first time I saw a picture of her:
Got new teeth. You remember?


Began my reign of terror as the Student Body President at AIP

Obsessed over "The Bachelor"

Got to see my sister, brother-in-law, and sweet niece in Dallas:

 and welcomed some other very important people to the world!


Did a lot of events for school, including the premier for Twilight:

And Hunger Games:

Dyed my hair lighter (the first of a few times):


Moved back to Provo

Continued going to AIP with some crazy girls:

 (wish this one weren't blurry)

Aveda Earth Month Fashion Show:


...Getting closer to finishing school
Lived big in Provo:

Learned to fly:


Flew some more:
Finally, finally, FINALLY finished Cosmetology school:


Passed my Cosmetology exams:

Went to San Luis Obispo to visit my girl Lindsay:
...decided to move there...

Went to Lake Powell for Family Vacation


Moved to San Luis Obispo

Started 4 week "Boot Camp" at my new salon:

Explored my new surroundings:


Went to my roommate Lindsay's lakehouse:

And to see the elephant seals:

Went whale watching:

Worked. A lot.


My mom came to visit! We forgot to take pictures

Got to go to Disneyland with my best friend Aly and her cute family!:
Dressed up for Halloween as an angel:

Worked. A lot.


My sisters came to help me celebrate my 25th birthday and I got to see this girl:
(Brynne was there too, we just suck at taking pictures. Sorry Brynne!)

Threw a Wonkatastic combined birthday party:
(I'm Charlie Bucket)

Started learning to knit:

Worked. A lot.


 Made Christmas stockings:

Tried to get into the Christmas spirit:

Had a roommate Christmas:

And FINALLY got to go home and see my family!

 WHew. That was a long one.

It was good for me to remember my year as I wrote this post because so many things had slipped out of my memory. I need to do a better job of journaling/blogging/taking pictures so I actually remember my life!