Sunday, February 6, 2011

Two, To, Too

Remember my goal to take pictures earlier in the day so that I could get better lighting?
Yeah, that didn't happen.
I wore this to church today. Then I came home, took off my heels and shoes and put on sweats. Then I had to put them back on to take these pictures. Now I'm back in my sweats.
Love me some sweats. What? Sunday is a day of rest, right?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Queen of the Procrastinators

Finally, here is Outfit 1 of the 30 for 30 Challenge.

I picked this outfit cause I had to get dressed in a hurry and this combination seemed pretty obvious to me.
I got to play with my favorite little girl today, which was really fun, but not so great for my outfit. She goo'ed me pretty good a couple of times. Guess I'll have to wash this shirt before I wear it again.
One thing I thought was fun is that the cuffs on this sweater have little buttons and the shirt is one of those button-tab kinds so I buttoned my shirt to my sweater. Doesn't it just look like they were made for each other?

I thought about calling this post "Outfit 1 and Bad Lighting." Hopefully tomorrow I get around to taking pictures much earlier in the day when I don't look so tired and the lighting is much better.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Favored Few

Here are my picks for the 30 for 30 Challenge:

8 Tops

Across the top: Charlotte Russe, Ruche, F21, American Eagle, J. Crew
Row 2: F21, Calvin Klein, Ruche

5 Sweaters

All the sweaters are from Nordstrom except the tomato cardigan, which I got at Plato's Closet, 'bout a hundred years ago

3 Jackets

Left to right: Buckle, F21, Nordstrom

4 Pants

From Left to Right: Wide-legs by Roxy, Dark skinnies by F21, Jeggings by Roxy, Purple Skinnies by F21

3 Skirts

Left and Right are made by me. The middle was I think from Target? I really hate that grey skirt in the middle. I need a new grey skirt...

2 Dresses

Left is from Downeast Outfitters. Right is F21

5 Pairs of Shoes

Left to right: Sperry Topsiders, Converse, Steve Madden? (bought on Ebay), F21 and Roxy

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

30 for 30

for those of you who don't know what that is, check it out here.

for those of you who do know what that is, and are wondering why I haven't posted my picks or my first 2 outfits yet..... it's coming. Promise.

I am going through some transitions right now that have thrown off how I was hoping to start this challenge. But I'm playing by my own rules, so I don't care too much. And here are my rules:

1. I'm only planning on posting outfits 4 days a week. Why? Because the other 3 days of the week I can only wear black. Why? I'll let you know in an upcoming post.

2. Anything that I wear solely to preserve modesty (underwear and stuff I use to cover my underwear) is not part of this challenge.

3. Jackets are part of the challenge. Coats are not. It's freezing here in Utah.

4. Shopping for my everyday wardrobe= not allowed. Shopping for black clothes= allowed. Why? Again, I'll explain soon.

Things I'm excited about in this challenge:

My sister has agreed to be my photographer!
Finding new ways to wear things
Stalking other re-mixers blogs
Less laundry
Blogging more consistently

Things I'm not excited about in this challenge:

Sundays. I'm worried I will run out of things to wear to church.
Getting bored halfway through
The weather changing and finding that the pieces I picked don't work
Taking so many pictures of myself makes me feel like a creep

Just waiting on the washer and dryer...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year

So I have plenty of resolutions for the new year, but what I am really excited about is my theme.

Yes, 2011 has a theme. And that theme is


See, I've been feeling like it IS too late. And it's not. I'm only 23 for heaven's sake.

And it's not too late for so many of the things I want

It is NOT too late for me to get a college degree

It is NOT too late for me to fall in love and have the best possible marriage I could ever have

It is NOT too late for me to learn how to weld

It is NOT too late for me to change my major

It is NOT too late for me to become a better person

It is NOT too late for me to make new friends (still keeping the old ones, p.s.)

It is NOT too late for me to figure out how to profit from my skills

It is NOT too late for me to learn new things

It is NOT too late for me to figure things out.

This was a big [inspired] realization for me. And I have to say, that it has made my outlook a whole lot brighter!