Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nothing really

I don't have any really important news but I felt like writing a blog post, so here I am! Updates:

Still waiting for my second skin of the plaid leather. Thinking I should probably muslin the pattern...

Working on another skirt-- my first burdaystyle patttern! I think its going to be completely the wrong of finished product to come (someday).

Got my bangs cut. I would show you but my face is a hot mess...maybe tomorrow? Also, still trying to convince myself that it wouldn't make me a complete narcissist to post pictures of myself.

I am thinking about doing a 30for30 remix challenge a la Kendi Everyday (the new girl crush I mentioned). It does seem like a good way to get more use out of your clothes and it would coincide with the following 2 emotions I have experienced since being home from my mission:

1. An increased passion for fashion

2. A hatred of all my current clothes

I am having a blast looking through the blogs of all the her listed remixers.

And just because this post has no pictures:

Someone actually made glass slippers! I wish I could remember where this photo is from.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bad News

I don't have enough leather.

I have bid on more on Ebay but I am still disapointed. I liked this skirt a lot better when it was a $30 leather skirt rather than a $60 leather skirt. But I have plans on how I can make up some of the cost, so maybe it will turn out ok in the long run.

In other news:

As soon as I find someone I trust with my hair I am getting bangs like these

Also, I have developed a big fat girl crush on this girl. Don't worry TSwift, you are still my number 1.

On Monday I started my new plan to be really careful about what I eat because I still don't come anywhere close to fitting in my pre-mission jeans. That was until I saw the leftovers from [one of my] birthday cake[s] in the fridge. And I got to thinking. That's MY birthday cake. It was made just for ME. That means I'M supposed to eat it, right? In my haste to get that goodness into me, I may or may not have eaten a leftover candle (hint: I did). Guess I'll start again tomorrow.

Wish me luck.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Oh please oh please

So...I bought this piece of leather off Ebay:

(after the obligatory "am I crazy??!" email to my sister) With dreams of it becoming a sweet pencil skirt with a wide, contrast color waistband. But here's the thing. I am not at all sure there is enough of it! And I can't tell currently because all the patterns we have are in a million (ok, like 6) pieces and none of them are quite right.


It's off to the fabric store for me to find a pencil skirt pattern with the skirt part in 3 pieces, so I can lay it out and find out once and for all if I have enough fabric. It's like when you force a boy to say he just really doesn't like you anymore when he is breaking up with you instead of letting him get away with the whole "it's not you it's me" thing. Right? Wait, nobody else emotionally self-mutilates like that? How strange.

Anyway. I really hope I have enough of this amazingly soft, quirky leather. Oh please, oh please.

P.S. Even if I do have enough, we may have a problem because I CAN NOT seem to sew a straight line since I got home from my mission. What's with that?