Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bad News

I don't have enough leather.

I have bid on more on Ebay but I am still disapointed. I liked this skirt a lot better when it was a $30 leather skirt rather than a $60 leather skirt. But I have plans on how I can make up some of the cost, so maybe it will turn out ok in the long run.

In other news:

As soon as I find someone I trust with my hair I am getting bangs like these

Also, I have developed a big fat girl crush on this girl. Don't worry TSwift, you are still my number 1.

On Monday I started my new plan to be really careful about what I eat because I still don't come anywhere close to fitting in my pre-mission jeans. That was until I saw the leftovers from [one of my] birthday cake[s] in the fridge. And I got to thinking. That's MY birthday cake. It was made just for ME. That means I'M supposed to eat it, right? In my haste to get that goodness into me, I may or may not have eaten a leftover candle (hint: I did). Guess I'll start again tomorrow.

Wish me luck.

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