Thursday, February 9, 2012

I guess I'm the Queen now...

...cause I just got 6 crowns.

On my teeth, that is.

You see, I'm a grinder. Not in the dirty dancing sense, but in the sense that when I sleep I do horrible things to my teeth that I would never be able to do if I was conscious. For the past couple years I have been wearing an occlusal (grinding) guard to bed (super duper sexy, p.s.) but that doesn't undo the years of damage I did to my teeth before I learned that I am a grinder. So my teeth were extremely thin and chippable. And I kept chipping them. Seeing as I am apparently very vain and spoiled, I decided to get new teeth.

It was a very painful process. They didn't really warn me about that. It was made more painful when I cracked my first set of temporaries the first night I had them on. My gums were too swollen to wear my occlusal guard and I thought I would be ok for one night. I underestimated my grinding skills. But now that I finally have my new, permanent much stronger teeth, I can look back on this experience with a little bit of humor.

Here are the new teeth I asked them to give me:
Here are the new teeth I didn't want:
Here is me in the process of getting my permanents on:

(sorry for the cell phone pic)

And what about the finished product? I will have to get a picture soon so I can show you all now that my gums have healed!


  1. ahhhh!!!! the during picture is so scary! can't wait to see the after

  2. Hehe. Your top seems to be a *bit* fat there.