Thursday, March 14, 2013

January + February Recap

Before March is completely over, I wanted to remember and blog about my first two months of the year. That is, the things that I can remember. Seriously, my memory is so bad when it comes to keeping things in a timeline...I can remember that things happened, just not when they happened.


The first few weeks of January, I basically just worked...I guess I spent a little too much for Christmas so I really had to get back into the working game. Here's me at work:


January 12- One of the fun things we did for Relief Society was to go skating at the temporary skating rink they installed in town. Here I am with some of the cute girls from the ward:
 left to right: Me, Lindsay, Abby, Kelsey, Donna, and Karli
February 19- My sweet roommate Kelsey celebrated her 20th birthday. She loves cats and all things Disney, so of course we had a Disney/Cats themed party!

 Left to right we are dressed as: Catwoman, Marie (from Aristocats), Mickey Mouse, and the Cheshire Cat

January 20/21- took an Advanced Cutting class with Jon Reyman. He's kind of an Aveda celebrity and I have to say his class kind of blew my mind:

January 30- This little one (my niece, Avery) turned 1, and it just about broke my heart that I couldn't be there for it. Fortunately, she has an awesome mom who threw her a sweet Native American themed party, complete with teepee. She even got her own cake:


Feb 2-  We found out last fall that my Dad was called as a new Mission President for 2013, but they finally announced it in the Church News in February, along with the caption below:
Kelly and Mark Bonham
Mark Everett Bonham, 53, and Kelly Anne Moon Bonham, five children, Hillside Ward, Alpine Utah North Stake. Brother Bonham is a former counselor in a stake presidency, high councilor, bishop, ward Young Men president and missionary in the New York New York Mission. Partner, SageCreek Partners. Born in Keyser, W. Va., to Neil Everett and Elaine Georgia King Bonham.

Sister Bonham serves as a counselor in a stake Relief Society presidency and is a former counselor in a stake Primary presidency, stake Primary music specialist, counselor in a ward Young Women presidency and ward enrichment leader. Born in Provo, Utah, to Harold Kay and Mayva Anne Moon.

I'm so proud of my parents and their willingness to serve the Lord! I will miss them tremendously over the next 3 years, but fortunately I can talk to and visit them whenever I want! 

February 16- Found out that Mom and Dad will be serving in the Everett Washington Mission. Yay! I am so glad they are not going to be more than a pretty short plane ride away. Definitely increases the chances of me being able to see them semi-regularly!

February 22- We are becoming quite famous for the costume parties that we throw at our apartment. In honor of Valentine's Day (sort of) we held a "Pucker Up" Party where the ladies had to wear lipstick and the gentlemen had to sport mustaches:

Looking Forward...

 We are already 2 weeks into March; so soon enough I will be doing a recap of my last month in SLO, because I am moving back to Utah the first week in April. There are definitely things and people that I will miss here, but I am really excited about being back close to my family. Hopefully I can make these last few weeks the best of all my time here!



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