Monday, April 1, 2013

March: A Review

March started out with a bang. Day 1, and already a party! It was Aubrey's birthday party and she asked us all to dress like missionaries, since she will soon be reporting to the MTC and she is very excited!
 Jason and I went for a very authentic look- those are actual clothes from my mission!

March 16- Another costume party. Does it seem like that is all I do? {maybe...} This one was celebrating my roommate Abby's birthday, and we went ALL OUT to dress as animals for her "Zoo to You" theme:
Roommates from left to right (plus Meg): Lindsay/Deer, Larken/Unicorn, Abby/Tropical Bird, Kelsey/Penguin, Meg/Peacock

March 17- Happy St. Patrick's Day! Since the holiday landed on a Sunday, it was a very green day at church. I made my roommates are climb over some rocks in their heels to bring to you this picture:
I'm going to miss these girls!

March 20-31- My sewing rampage, which you've already seen the fruits of. I have to say, all the sewing has helped me keep my sanity during these last few weeks when I've been stressed about moving and stuck either inside due to cold weather or at work. Let's just recap what I've made with one picture:
The 30th was also my official last day of work. I have had such a great experience with Salon Lux and I am kind of sad to go. But that also means that until I move on the 5th, I have a lot of time to play! (ok, really I have to pack and clean and pack and pack) Hoping for some good beach and roommate bonding time!


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