Friday, January 8, 2010

Making a Ball Gown: Part I

I know you will all be SHOCKED to see a new post on here from me but part of my New Year's Resolutions is that I will be better about documenting my creations. So as I begin this huge daunting task of making my own ball gown, I am trying to enjoy the journey.

At the end of the month I am attending a Masquerade Ball and of course, I need a dress for such an event. I don't want to spend a lot of money, but I do want it to be FABULOUS so I went digging in Mom's fabric stash. I found this fabric
I think it is some sort of cotton/poly blend. It doesn't scream special occasion fabric, but I really like the subtle shimmer to it. The problem was, I already have one big beautiful gold dress, and in my head I had a vision of a pink dress. I blame my recent viewing of Grey's Anatomy and Izzie Stevens. So it became dyeing time. I tested it out last night and was happy with the new color so I went home and picked a pattern. Thank goodness I always stock up on crazy poofy dresses during $1 pattern sales!
And, wouldn't you know, the dress on the pattern is even pink!

Because this pattern requires 8 yards of fabric, and that is A LOT of fabric to dye, I had to get a little's some pictures of the process I went through:
Three big pots of dye all added to this huge tub! I felt like a witch with a big tub of blood because it looked red.
Here is the finished product! I am so pleased! I think it is really pretty and I can't wait to get started. One last picture comparing the undyed and dyed fabrics

More to come!


  1. haha so you stirring the dye reminds me of the end of ever after. te he he. Do you feel like an evil stepmother? :) I'm so proud of you for being so ambitious!

  2. I love that color. I can't wait to see the finished product.

  3. I absolutely love That dress on Katherine Heigl!!! you picked and incredible dress.

  4. Larken! I hope you don't mind I'm blog spying on you! Amazing! That is the word that I want to use to describe you right now! Can't wait to see the finished product! You will look goregous!