Saturday, February 5, 2011

Queen of the Procrastinators

Finally, here is Outfit 1 of the 30 for 30 Challenge.

I picked this outfit cause I had to get dressed in a hurry and this combination seemed pretty obvious to me.
I got to play with my favorite little girl today, which was really fun, but not so great for my outfit. She goo'ed me pretty good a couple of times. Guess I'll have to wash this shirt before I wear it again.
One thing I thought was fun is that the cuffs on this sweater have little buttons and the shirt is one of those button-tab kinds so I buttoned my shirt to my sweater. Doesn't it just look like they were made for each other?

I thought about calling this post "Outfit 1 and Bad Lighting." Hopefully tomorrow I get around to taking pictures much earlier in the day when I don't look so tired and the lighting is much better.


  1. i love the cut of those jeans! they work for casual or can be dressed up so easily. good luck on the rest of the challenge, fellow remixer! :)

  2. time for a giant photoshoot missy